A long time traditional artist, over the last two years I have also been developing a new series of contemporary art images. In 2011, two perfect applications for this work surfaced.
My wife Suzanne and I moved into an ultra modern condo in Arizona with blank walls begging for art. Color Ink Communications, our company in Sussex, Wisconsin, was entering into extensive remodeling. These two projects gave me the opportunity to develop and showcase this modern artwork.
The images are created using original artwork which we then photograph in sections at a very high resolution. Next, we combine the images using computer software and a proprietary process we've developed, enhancing the images to achieve a very dimensional effect. That artwork is then printed on plastic, board, paper or canvas using large format presses. There are 12 images, each with a different color scheme, ranging in size from 8" x 10" prints to 5' x 30' wall murals.
We are marketing this artwork under the name James Otto through contemporary galleries, decorators and our web site at jamesottoart.com.
I also continue my traditional painting, recently appearing in four one-man shows at galleries in Wisconsin and Arizona. My traditional work can be viewed at jimmeissnerart.com.